“Landscapes of Toca”


Traces of a family “Landscapes of Toca” is a project that illustrates the beauty of Toca’’s Valley and its surroundings. It also contents the history of a family, who once lived and developed their life in this valley. As an influent family they left traces today reflected by the old buildings which witness their past power and prestige of a nowadays scattered family.

By 1500’s Spanish conquered these lands Christianising indigenous peoples and transforming natural landscapes into harvesting lands. The legacy of those indigenous peoples and their lifestyle has completely disappeared, and has now been replaced with a Spanish history and culture. The photographs illustrate the major Spanish influence.

In the past few years, lifestyles within the Toca Valley region have been gradually changing. Older houses have given way to more contemporary architecture, designed with the beautiful landscape in mind. The construction of La Copa Dam has brought alternative tourism to the area, based upon aquatic sports, as well as, the construction of once houseboat to encourage further tourism to the region. However, this houseboat was taken away in 2011.