Photography ‘A Complilation’

Photography a compilationPhotography a Compilation’, this my first published project, is a book designed for any kind of people who want to appreciate the beauty of photography or simply enjoy looking diversity of images.

‘This compilation was made during my first year of photography at the Arts University College In Bournemouth (2008 – 2009), I had some holidays in a beautiful country Colombia, this location brings diversity of landscapes and I found in every place different subjects to shoot and perhaps never published before which can also be appreciated’.

Most of the images illustrated are taken with a digital camera Nikon D90 with AF-S Nikkor 35-105mm lens, there is also an interesting relevance to film photography at the beginning of the book in the first chapter ‘Black and White’ showing big cities like London and life as a tourist.

Finally, I would like to warn this book is terribly enjoyable so please take your time for entertainment!